Wooden FloorS - How To-Sand And Seal

 Preparing a Room                  

This task can take more time than sanding the floor.  We remove all furniture, window treatments and wall hangings. 
Pull up any carpeting, under padding and installation strips. To contain the dust that will be generated by sanding,
we seal off openings to other parts of the house.  Close doors and secure drop sheets to the trim at the top and
sides and to the floor at the bottom with mag-tape. Use black bags to cover lights. Replace gouged or cracked
floor boards before sanding.  We also  make sure all lose blocks are glued.

Sanding a Floor

Industrial Floorsanding Machine                    

Floor sanding is done by  industrial sanding machines.  Some handwork may be necessary in places that are
inaccessible to power machines.  Wood floor needs to be sanded three  or four times, each with a finer grid
of sandpaper.  The number of passes and the sandpaper to use will depend on the condition of your floor.  A  floor
that is covered with paint or glue will need more passes with lower grid sandpaper than a level floor in good condition. 
The first pass should remove almost all of the old finish and level the floor.  The subsequent passes will remove 
any remaining finish and smooth out roughness and scratch marks.    Electric edger's  is used for sanding these edges
of the floor or it may be done by hand.

 The Orbital Sander

The orbital sander is used to even the floor and get rid of roughness and finish the floor for perfection.

 Sealing a Floor


Facelift Flooring use a Matt or Satin finish for your floor, it is important that the floor must remain sealed, and protected. 
The sealer we use is a deep penetrating sealer, it takes an hour or two to dry, and thus is very forgiving and easy to
work with.  It doesn't dry while you are battling to even it out.  With a little bit of care it evens itself out as it spreads and


Finishing a floor takes three coats of sealer applied over a period of several hours. After the floors are sanded and cleaned,
we apply the first coat of sealer.  The coat must be allowed to dry and when it is sufficiently dry,  the floor must be lightly sanded
again.  The second coat is applied and allowed to dry.  The process is continued until all three coats have been applied leaving
a beautiful hardwood floor that will last for years. Wood is one of the worlds most versatile floor coverings not only do you get
traditional beauty but also practical advantages.


Sweep with a broom or damp mop.  Minor scratch marks can be removed with a mild liquid abrasive. To prevent scratching,
pieces of felt could be glued underneath table and chair legs. If you already have a wooden floor which has seen better days
or you just want to restore its natural beauty then at facelift flooring we have the expertise to help. Our renovation
team can restore all types of wood floors or blocks and can carry out specialist repairs to even the worst cases.

Key Benefits of Hiring Professionals

   Professionals knows what grid sandpaper to use

   The correct sealer will be applied

bullet Advice on the maintenance of a sanded floor